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My name is Jess
and i am super cool!!!!
and Kara says so
so it must be super true!!!!

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Saturday, August 16, 2003
Day at the beach

Today was my fuckin day off
last week was the longest week of my entire life
but i had the best day off
i went out to montauk with my mom
and we just hung out and went to the beach
we found an awsome store called earthly soul
great stuff
and i got a white poofy kinda skirt
(for my birthday of course...which by the way is in 4DAYS!!!)
and yea i just had the best day ever off
i was suppoed to go to mers house and go over to the ocean on her boat
but that fell threw
all for the better,
i had an awsome day

but yea i thought id enter something just to remind myself how great today was

by the way....
my birthday is in 4 DAYS

BAM!!! (as dean would say)

Goodbye for now

Posted at 09:01 pm by startfresh21
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Longest week of my life....Camp...Athletics 5-6

The week is finally over, this has been the longest week of my entire life, the kids i finished having were good in spirit but not in anything else......but yea so i am so happy that today is saturday...at the moment i am trying to talk to people, but not havingmuch luck, no one seems to have time to talk.....tear......everyone is leaving today,well not everyone but Kara Bernie Anthony Christina Josh Lindsay and i suppose thats all, but thats alot of people....blah.... i dont know what to write, i am going to merediths house later to hangout and hopefully take her boat over to the ocean, yea all that, so now i am going to go say goodbye to everyone .....everyone have a good day...no happy thoughts today...that thing with that guy ive wanted to talk to blowing me off is still bothering me...bummer day.....

Posted at 12:14 pm by startfresh21
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Friday, August 15, 2003

just to update everyone......
my birthday is now in 5 days.....
yes thats right....
August 20th is my 17th birthday....
i know its not a milestone...
but i am excited

Oh, and please sign my guestbook
since i probally wont get any mail for my birthday, id like yall to leave me some love......

But if you want to send me anything....
Jess Jaycox
c/o Camp Quinipet
pobox 549
Shelter Island Heights NY

No pressure........

Posted at 02:38 pm by startfresh21
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Thursday, August 14, 2003
Camp Bummers...

Ok so today was the blackout, kinda scary but also very fun, my kids this week once again suck ass and i wish i had last weeks group again........but yea so i just talked to someone ive wanted to talk to for like a week and i deffinatly feel dissed...i know that sounds gay but its true, when you think about someone all the time and then get dissapointed talking to them, its deffinatly a bummer......i was really looking forward to talking to him, i deffinatly felt like ive known him for a long time before this........ and now i feel like crap.........oh well i shouldnt let it get to me...... b/c he is so young.......i guess i just was hoping for more like always and i got my hopes up again...



Posted at 09:18 pm by startfresh21
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Wednesday, August 13, 2003
Taking Back sunday

Listening to taking back sunday in the office
one of my favorite things to do i just finished hiding for the last staff hunt of the summer ......Tears...... i hid on kissing rock, its the best place to hide b/c every wednesday shelter island yacht club has a regatta and its so beautiful....i got my first official nalgene bottle today, from seattle, b/c i cant seem to find anywhere here that sells them...if anyone knows please let me know.....ok well i dunno what else to write besides that i hope other people read this so that i can feel like i have friends.......my birthday is in one week from today and i am comming home in 10 days.....yay!!!
oh and we got this new staff member and his name is kyle and he is such a hippie (very much an awsome guy), i went to cit training with him 2 years ago, but he grew his hair out and he got taller, and since me and dean are such good friends and him and dean are best friends i guess its easier for him to be nice to me...i really like him though, he is deffinatly my type of guy.....i also figured something out about myself today, i am deffinatly a hair girl.....guys with long hair (not too long though) or curly hair(god i deffinatly love curly hair....deffinatly make me "swoon" haha thats a horrible word for what im trying to say but you understand.....well im going to leave it there for now
*long hippie hair-Kyle and Jack
*throwing frisbees at bats with bernie in front of the cliff cabins
*"lisa is a lord of the rings FANCY PANTS FOOL"-Kate

New Phisosophy
"life sucks.....hold hands"
...now if only i had someone to hold hands with.......wont happen......

Posted at 08:28 pm by startfresh21
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noteworthy things....

just wanted to let everyone in on some noteworthy things like
My birthday is in 7 days....im so excited
but ill probally be disapointed like usual, my birthdays arent usually spectacular but also i am comming home quite soon my last day is on the 23rd of august, such a bittersweet ending ill miss my girls helen and tara so much, not to mention everyone else on staff.... tears.....ahh im feeling quite poetic right now but i dont want to say anything that i donty want people to read so ill just write it in my actual journal..... that makes me smile.....

why cant i breathe whenever i think about you
why cant i speak whenever i talk about you....
-liz fair
*Jumping to conclusions
made me fall away from you
im so glad that theyre true
its brought back together
me and you*

Mike and Gavins south park impersonations.....so funny
Caseys Ozzy Osbourne impersonations

ok my break is almost over i have to go

Posted at 10:10 am by startfresh21
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Tuesday, August 12, 2003
Too late

Well now that ive finally figured out how to use the damn blog crap i dont have enough time to actually write anything meaningful....BLAH.....camp this week is "special"my kids suck all they do is complain.....that and i cant stand 5th and 6th graders...if only i had last weeks group.....tear.....well enough about that.....im freaking out about school i cant belive that WE ARE GOING TO BE SENIORS!!!!! no freaking way have i made it this far man....ok well thankyou to blair for reading this and actually taking the time to write me something, if youlove me enough youll leave me some love!!!!!!!
have a good night
by the way there are supposed to be meteor showers at abut 1am today if anyone is interested they should check that shit out
trippy shit

Posted at 09:13 pm by startfresh21
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CAMP!!!!!!!!(everyone from camp should read this!!!!!)

i really miss my campers from last week (athletics 7-8) they were so awsome. i wish that they were still here or that like when i went home i could see all of them
its so weird how i can become so attached to so many kids in such a short time, especially mike and kirsten, they have been the best campers ive ever had (not to single anyone out, Casey Laurin,Lauren, jenney, Becca,Ashley,gwen and Jenna you girls are awsome, and Jack my little hippie buddy should be getting a certian lobster in the mail soon, and gavin and steven, you guys are going to be treats for girls when yall get older) But yea anyway, Mike you really made me feel usefull i havent had that feeling in a long time, even if you are only 13 you deffinatly are wise beyond your years and i hope that you can see that im glad that you opened up to me, i think we both needed that.and when you get a bit older, you should deffinatly give me a call, i think we would have alot of fun together...... :)..... Kirsten,you really are like the sister i never had, i didnt realize how much i would miss you until i was saying goodbye, you really arent that far away so im sure that we will be seeing each other very soon.....Bellport girls, i never thought that i would meet a group of girls from bellport as nice and polite as you girls are, remeber me whenever you listen to the radio or eat 3 bags of marshmellows......to all my campers.....remember that this isnt goodbye, its see you next summer, because ill be back again!!!!

Oh ya and by the way....WARPED TOUR FUCKING ROCKED....thats alli have to say about that

And now for the song of the day.......br>LEAVING
by The Starting Line

you and I,
cold February night
it's been a half an hour
taking sweet time saying our goodbyes
One minute more, GO!!

the best day of my life is all thanks to you
precious remembrance saved for rainy days on February
(or august in my situation)
few scenes from my life where moments mean more to me
than our fine nights,
I remember like yesterday, the time of my life

please don't leave me without saying goodbye
without saying goodbye
please don't leave me without saying goodbye
without saying goodbye
lets travel back in time
2-12-99 at the stroke of midnight
holding you tight, your body and mine, in February
few scenes from my life where moments mean more to me
than our fine nights,
I remember like yesterday, the time of my life

Please dont forget about me

our moments mean more to me

Posted at 03:57 pm by startfresh21
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i like popcorn
kara has made some super delicious popcorn
it already has butter on it
imagine that!!!!!!
these new fangled things people come out with!!

Posted at 03:22 pm by startfresh21
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