Entry: Yea Tuesday, August 19, 2003

i got pictures back from athletics 7-8(best week of the summer) and yeait made me miss all you guys so much..tear...well im going to go, tara is worring, gonna go dream of someone tonight


August 19, 2003   12:49 AM PDT
hey Jess!!! it's Kim!!! yayay you come back to BBP in a few days! and it's almost your birthday!! that deserves thats of yays' yyayayaya haha once again I am really hyper!!

Just wanted to let you know I really miss you, actually we all do, its not the same place without you! it was awesome seeing you at Warped, and you're friend Tara was definately cool!!! Can't wait for you to get back! SENIORS!!!! oh yea!!!

miss you babe, have fun your last couple days! and happy early birthday!!! love ya

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