Entry: Random thoughts....yet not so random Saturday, September 13, 2003

You are poetry in motion
Like motzart to my  eyes
your syntax is romantic
consuming my self
your enthusiasm intrigues me
makes me want to be someone else
someone older

someone beautiful
you are everything i look for
everything i aspire to be
I am amazed
at how much you change me
just your name makes me smile
your being is poetry

Jinx me something crazy
thinking if its three
thenim as smooth as the skin
that rolls accross the small of your back
its too bad itsnot my style
if you need me
ill be out and onm the parkway
paitent and waiting for
dressed in a fashion that fitting to the In con sis ten cies of my moods
its time like these when silence means everything
and no one is to know about this
its a campaign of distraction
revolutionist history
its a shame i dont think that theyd notice
its a shame i doubt theyd even care
dont let me down

"a real loss is loosing something more important than yourself"-MZ

*You stay on my mind
your with me all the time
when i close my eyes
everyones gone
its only you and i
you stay on my mind
your even in my dreams*


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