Entry: MORE random stuff Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Pete left yesterday...sad....but check out the prize fighters web site, so you too can say you knew them before they blew up and got uber famous...... www.theprizefighter.net
whats new with me...

at the moment i am sitting at the SJC library waiting for my mom to come and pick me up.....School is school and its not going fast enough...senior year is so much diffrent then how the rest of highschool has been, people change so much.  Oh well by next year hopefully, i wont have to see anyof them every again, that will save alot of drama that i dont need to waste energy on. 
I visited moravian college this past weekend and omfg, it is me in college form, ilove it so much, if i dont get in im going to be so upset i dont know what ill do, such decisions....i want to apply early decision but i dont know that ill get all the financial aide that ill need......but! i am going to cortland this comming monday and who knows i might like it even more then moravian....highly doubtful, but possible i guess.....Moravian is so beautiful, the town is gorgeous and i deffinitly can see my self spending four years there.  Also, i know several people who go there so it will make things so much easier, thats what matters to me i guess, knowing people so that the transition is not as harsh, it'll be like camp only in the winter and 4 years long.....hahaha
To all my athletics kids, i miss you guys so much! i wish that you guys were here so that umm i dunno i just wishthat i could relive the past summer, not even the whole thing, just week 6....well i guess thats all
ill maybe be on tommorow....goodnight to whoever is readin this..if anyone....
Peace and Love


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