Entry: Time Consumer Sunday, November 16, 2003

So i was sitting in starbucks and it ocurred to me.   When i wasl little i never had a "plan" for when i was older.  I didntknow what i wanted to do.  I never dreamed of meeting a husband and having children...or becoming a doctor and saving lives.....nothing of that sort.  I always used to just live each day like a day, nothing more nothing else.  But as i was sitting sipping my tea, a picture just popped into my head, randomly.  Me sitting on the porch of an out of the way house reading a book.  then my husband came out kissed me on the cheek, and told me about his day and how many people he had helped that day....i wont disclose the identity of him because if he is who i think he is i dont want to scare him away although i think he already knows that i am hinting at him...ive digressed...Anyway, This picture came into my head so clearly, like nothing else has in the past.  I feel like i have finally seen what i want my future to be.  And for somereason, it doesnt seem untangible, it seems pefectly reasonable and inevidable...( i cant spell)...

Well im done writing about what i was thinking, coheed really puts me in the mood to write.......be back tommorow...if anyone does actually read this please leave me a comment...it makes me feel special     :)

Heres a poem...im going to try to put one on here a night...

Beautiful Lips
simple and round
a nose to enjoy
the perfume i wear
eyes for looking
deep into mine
peircing blue
my knees are weak
ears a essential
for hearing my thoughts
hair is sunbleached
highlighted by sun
his shoulders are strong

broad and round
is stomach is tanned and toned
his hands are for holding mine
close to his chest

but, the most important part is yet to come
it is what is inside
that attracts me so

His voice is deep
conforting and warm
floats through my ears
and into my soul
legs are amazing
strong and true
running to my rescue
should i need you

never hae i seen
such a perfect
inner and out
to be in his presence
to wonder what it is all about
is life to be filled with love?
or just wonder
amazement is what fills me
right or wrong
this is how i feel

for now i will keep it to my self
ill keep having thoughts
my feelings wont stop
dreams are hard to crush....


May 20, 2004   08:03 AM PDT
hey did u ever wanna be like a hairdresser or a pet shop owner or anything wen u were young? keke. i member i wanted to be a hairdresser when iw as five.. then a shop keeper.. then a nurse hehe and OMGi wanted to be a zoo keeper too. ohhh god old memories. don't think abou the future to much, too confusing =)

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